I attended Sarah's clinic initially to see if acupuncture would help relieve a specific problem with a "prickly heat/itchy scalp". Of course, in principle, acupuncture is a holistic approach and looks at treating the whole body rather than a specific symptom and after discussion and consultation Sarah recommended a course of six treatment sessions. After just two treatments, not only was my scalp much more comfortable, I was feeling much more relaxed and generally very peaceful and happy in my soul. Having completed my six sessions now, I feel that the treatments enable me to view my day to day life in a more calm and reflective way and to enjoy every minute - come rain or shine. I will stay in touch with Sarah and look forward to a review session in a couple of months. I cannot recommend acupuncture treatment highly enough and Sarah's professionalism and expertise is second to none.
K.H, Oxfordshire
Sarah is a highly professional, warm and empathic person. She makes me feel comfortable and heard at all times. She clearly explains the treatment without bamboozling me with terminology. Her treatments are giving me noticeable relief from several problems as well as affording me a general feeling of well-being. I view my sessions as a treat and find them extremely relaxing. I would highly recommend Sarah and will continue to book treatments to maintain my health and well-being.
Google Testimonial, Louise B.B, Oxfordshire
I have now been seeing Sarah for a few months and cannot thank her enough for the wonderful treatments and advice I have received. I walk into the Surgery usually stressed from work, and always walk out a different person. It's just amazing how Sarah can pick up on everything going on, and then fix me:) I would highly recommend Sarah, who provides the most fantastic treatment, especially the cosmetic acupuncture. The Surgery at Hook Norton is also a very welcoming place.
Google Testimonial, JG G, Oxford
Sarah is an amazing acupuncturist very knowledgeable, professional, experienced, and compassionate in her care. The sessions made all the difference to my health and how I feel in general. I suffer with endometriosis, PMS, anxiety and sinuses. She is preparing me and my body right now for IVF treatments as well as helping me with the other health problems that I suffer from. She is going above and beyond to find the right solution to suit my needs. She even been so kind to point me in the right direction to get a proper supplements through an amazing nutritionist which I'm very happy with. Sarah is a magic maker! I can't recommend her highly enough!
Google Testimonial, Joanna J.
Morning Sarah. Wow you have serious magical powers…I went into labour Tuesday night and Rosie was born Wednesday morning!!! The birth was how I always hoped. Thank you for your support and help – obviously did wonders!!
A.P, Bloxham, Banbury
I’ve used acupuncture for over 15 years and tried many different styles. But this is the first time that acupuncture has become an integral part of my life. Nearly 4 years ago, after the sudden death of my brother, I found Sarah when looking for help. I’d attended some not very useful ‘therapy’ and felt lost. Sarah now gives me a safe space to explore everything that’s running through my hectic mind, my emotions or my fears. Sarah heals me, by calming my thoughts then building me back up, with reassuring words and her magic needles. I tell everyone I know about Sarah. I send them for break ups, getting pregnant, feeling low, and back pain… basically everything. Sarah has a wonderful gift and I’m happy to share my appreciation of what she does for me.
C.C. Chipping Norton
I was recommended to have acupuncture when I started having IVF. I had had two very serious operations which had left my entire system adrenalized and stressed, and IVF was my only option if I wanted to grow my family, which I dearly did. A friend who had sought fertility support recommended Sarah and I am so pleased she did. With over 20 years of experience and specialising in acupuncture to support fertility treatment, I felt I was in very safe hands from our first session. Sarah started by conducting a thorough review of my history and was very understanding. In week one she talked me through acupuncture, and how it works and then each week we discussed how I was feeling and then she tailored her treatment to address my current needs, whilst thoroughly strengthening my system. She even did a home visit after my embryo transfer. I am now happily 23 weeks pregnant and still enjoying my acupuncture treatments with Sarah – which are very gentle and tailored to this stage of pregnancy. I am so grateful to have been under her care during what has been a very challenging and emotional time – and very pleased to know I can call on her if baby decided to make a delayed appearance next Spring! I would highly recommend Sarah for acupuncture for fertility, holistic support during other treatment and for general wellness. She is an amazing practitioner and her patients know they are in the very best of hands.
Mrs P, Chipping Norton
I first went to see Sarah in 2002, when I was thinking about trying to get pregnant. I remember the kind, wise questioning in that first consultation and how much sense it made to consider the body’s ‘balance’ in the approach to well-being. I had my babies over the next couple of years, but had been so impressed by acupuncture’s positive effects that I never stopped going for treatments. Sarah has treated me for aches and injuries, and has helped maintain and restore my strength throughout a challenging and exhausting decade of being a working mum. If it does not sound too disrespectful to say this of a skilled profession, my experience of acupuncture tells me it’s the closest thing to magic there is! Acupuncture is a central part of my attempt to stay healthy and happy in a demanding world.
S.H, Banbury
I first consulted Sarah in 2011 suffering from troublesome headaches and poor quality sleep. As an octogenarian I have found it necessary to see her with various health issues reasonably regularly. The treatment I have received for my headaches, sleep problems, neck arthritis and atrial fibrillation have always been most beneficial. I have been able to relax throughout the procedures and Sarah has always ensured that I have been warm and comfortable. On every occasion, I have found Sarah to be very professional, caring, encouraging and supportive. I would recommend her without hesitation.
A.B, King’s Sutton
I was diagnosed with cancer at the end of March 2017 and decided that I needed to find an acupuncturist who would be able to support me through my chemotherapy. I found Sarah and from the moment I met her, I knew I had found the right person to support me through the process. Sarah uses the traditional Chinese acupuncture method and is extremely knowledgeable and competent at what she does. I have learnt so much from her in terms of how to manage my symptoms and she has inspired me to understand more about taking care of my body in the immediate future and for the rest of my life. Sarah is a professional who offers you time and space to discuss your symptoms and there is never a sense of you being hurried. I know that without my weekly sessions I would not have been able to manage the brutal symptoms from my chemotherapy and each week there are often different challenges, but Sarah always has a solution and it always works. If you are considering a holistic approach to any health problem I would recommend a consultation with Sarah and if you are going through chemotherapy I would highly recommend seeing her to discuss your treatment and how she can support you.
Jo, Hook Norton
Sarah is without doubt, the most knowledgeable acupuncturist I have ever seen. She provides a friendly, caring, professional service, which has definitely helped me to achieve a sense of balance during a turbulent period in my life. Her ability to listen, coupled with her clinical expertise, ensures that each treatment is tailor-made to your specific needs on the day. The past year of my life has included lots of changes: the menopause has proved a challenge, along with being diagnosed with an auto-immune condition, whilst still trying to manage a busy life, hence my whole system needed re-balancing and having seen Sarah over ten years ago, I had the upmost faith that acupuncture would help on so many levels. I started to see a huge difference in my symptoms after my first treatment. I so enjoy the feeling of calmness and well-being that has resulted from my sessions with Sarah, that I now see acupuncture as an essential part of maintaining my equilibrium going forward. The treatments I have received have made such a difference to my life. It has been a real privilege to be treated by someone who is so good at what they do and takes such an interest in their patient’s concerns. I can’t thank her enough!
M. H, Oxfordshire
I started having acupuncture treatment some years ago, following a back injury, which in retrospect, I think was linked to stress in my then job. Acupuncture gave me immediate relief from pain and the treatments had a much broader beneficial effect on my health and well-being. I started to receive treatments from Sarah some ten years ago, again at a challenging time in my working life. The treatment is always a lovely and pleasurable experience – at the start of my treatment, Sarah took a full history of my physical, mental and emotional well-being, and she checks on each of these aspects of my health at each of our sessions. Sarah always explains the purposes of the treatment which she is carrying out and invariably, I start to feel the benefits almost immediately. Acupuncture restores my equilibrium and I feel that it enables my personal strengths to be sustained, and so supports my good health and my positive outlook. I will always be grateful to Sarah for her thoughtful and enabling approach and for supporting me through some very difficult periods in my life. I thoroughly recommend acupuncture treatment and Sarah as a practitioner with total confidence and enthusiasm!
Anne B, North Oxfordshire

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